Bridging the Nations


It has been 11 years since we first set up house in Chile and a lot has changed since that first day. Those 11 years have been full of blessings with just a showering of hardships and difficulties. God has constantly shown us His greatness through every moment and as we look to the future we find that God alone knows where our lives will go and what we will do.

The kids...

When we arrived in Chile we were a family of 4. Naomi was almost 3 and Isaac was 1.5, but within about 3 years God blessed us with Simeon and Enoch. What was life like with just 2 children? Only the deepest darkest parts of my memory can answer that question. It must have been fun but it cannot compare to the joys we have as a large family of 6.

The kids have not only grown in number but have also been actively growing in age. Naomi will be 14 in March, Isaac is 12, Simeon turns 10 in February and Enoch is 8. As many parents have gone before us we are about to enter the life changing years of adolescence. We thought the challenges of the toddler years to be hard, but we are finding they were the size of toddlers and teenagers have bigger issues. The kids are great but they are struggling with friends, conflicts and difficulties that are a natural part of growing up. A gentleman told us this week (he was staying with us for 10 days) that they will turnout OK as long as we talk a lot; a lot to each other, a lot to them and a whole lot to God. We are looking forward to watching them continue to grow not only physically but in maturity.

Tae and I...

In the last 11 years, we have gone from the rookies to the old timers. 2002 we joined a group of missionaries finishing up their 3rd year on the field but 2013 starts with our being the only missionaries with plans to stay longer than the next 14 months. What a change it has been! We have gone from being active in evangelism to consultants for elders and ministers. God only knows what will come of the next 3 years in this role and collaborative team that exists with the church here.

We have both reached the milestone of 40 years of age. Even though it is supposed to be down hill from here we know that God is going to move mountains before we make it to the bottom of that hill. Maybe we have a few more pounds, more wrinkles and less hair but our desire to serve God has only increased exponentially. We are waiting to see the plans God has for us.

We are excited about the future but also carry some big concerns. In May 2013, we loose a large portion of our monthly support.* We are going to have to move since our landlord has asked us for our house which brings a lot of emotional stress for the family.** Please keep these two things in your prayers because they weigh heavy on us.

The Lord has been good to us and we will continue working in the kingdom until He sees fit to change our direction. May God bless you all as you continue to support us.

*if you want more information about how to help email me and we can talk*

**This move means changing areas of Santiago since the rent in this area of town has almost doubled in the last year.

Living Life In Chile

Ana & Naomi

(one of her best friends)

Hanging out with friends from church

Caleb & Enoch


Naomi & Savannah


(mission team friends)

Hanging out in hot springs atop Andes mountains